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Spring 4-2015


Traveling trunks as a delivery method for curricula have been associated with experiential learning and shown to increase learning (George, 2010; Shepherd, 2007; Lett, 1993). Students learn through real-life experiences, such as global social issues (Kister, 1992), and principal to the nature of learning is the relationship between experience and learning, a shaping force in the development of thoughtful, curious students (Loughran, 2006).

The embedded mixed method study showed learning gains occurred when experiential curriculum was facilitated by experienced teachers, and delivered in a traveling trunk. The study (N=58) showed that active learning about social issues engages students. Paired t-tests revealed a significant difference in learning for the experimental group. Qualitative findings suggest an enriched learning experience with benefits including student interest and curiosity, prepackaged curricula, development of process skills, and the topic of a global social issue.

This research adds to the body of knowledge in three areas: experiential learning, teacher facilitation of learning, use of social issues and resulted in the creation of Global Fusion Educational Resources™2009 to provide curriculum delivered in traveling trunks.



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