Positive Body Image-related Strategies in Children's Picturebooks

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Early Childhood Education Journal


Positive body image, an important perspective in the research literature on body image with adolescents and adults, has become a popular theme in children’s picturebooks. This is promising and warrants researchers’ attention. Thus this study examined body image-related strategies in 50 children’s picturebooks, focusing on body image through content analysis based on the lens of positive body image perspectives. Four main strategies for promoting positive body image emerged from the study including body appreciation, inner positivity, perceived support for protective filtering, and adaptive body investment. This study also examined how these strategies were presented for promoting positive body image through text and pictures. This study fills a gap in the current literature regarding positive body image-related messages for young children. Findings clarify how children’s picturebooks can be used to encourage young children to love, respect, and take care of their own and others’ bodies physically and mentally.




Xu, T., He, Y., Faragó, F., Savoy, S. (2023, accepted). Positive body image-related

strategies in children’s picturebooks. Early Childhood Education Journal. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10643-023-01543-2


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