The Department of History offers exciting academic opportunities for its majors and minors. The history program seeks to develop a student broadly educated in the liberal arts who appreciates his or her own national heritage and understands the development and problems of other cultures as well. The person who is familiar with the roots of the past and the problems of the present is sensitive to the possibilities of the future. In its most comprehensive sense, history encompasses every aspect of human development since the beginning of written records. Thus, history is an excellent major to achieve a wide-ranging, general education. he faculty consists of scholars in such varied fields as United States , Medieval and Ancient, Modern European, Latin American and Asian history with specialists in cultural, intellectual, social, diplomatic, military, scientific and gender areas. History courses emphasize both reading and independent research. The department is an institutional member of the American Historical Association.


Submissions from 2010


Deep East Texas Grave Markers: Types, Styles, and Motifs, Nancy Adgent, Perky Beisel, and George Avery