Submissions from 2020


Initial investigation of seasonal flammability of three invasive East Texas forest understory fuels using thermogravimetric analysis, Michael Tiller, Brian P. Oswald, Alyx Frantzen, Warren Conway, and I-Kuai Hung


Preliminary Flammability Assessment of Sea Buckthorn from The Netherlands Compared to Known Flammable Shrubs of the Southern and Western US, Michael Tiller, Brian P. Oswald, and Mathijs Schuijn

Submissions from 2012


The McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program: The Driving Force of Sustainable Forestry, Steven H. Bullard


Incorporating A Forest Insect Alphabet and Edge of LIfe: Forest Pathology Art into a Forest Insects and Disease Class, David Kulhavy and Charles Jones

Submissions from 2009


Estimating Waterfowl Densities in a Flooded Forest: a Comparison of Methods, R. Montague Whiting Jr. and J. Paul Cornes