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Cost estimates of practicing forestry in the South during 1986 and cost changes during the 1952-1986 period are presented in this report. Albert C. Worrell reported the original cost study in Forest Farmer in May 1953. His work was updated by James G. Yoho and Robert B. Fish in the November 1961 issue of Forest Farmer. Other revisions include James G. Yoho, George F . Dutrow, and James Moak (Forest Farmer, 1971); James Moak and Jim Kucera (Forest Farmer, 1975); James Moak, James Kucera, and W.F. Watson (Forest Farmer Manual, 1977); James Moak, W.F. Watson, and Paul Van Deusen (Forest Farmer Manual, 1980); James Moak, W.F. Watson, and Mark Watson (Forest Farmer Manual, 1983); and Thomas J. Straka and William F . Watson (Forest Farmer Manual, 1985). The present study is based on the results of a survey completed in 1986 and reports current costs for most forestry practices covered by previous surveys. It also provides tables with cost changes from 1952 to 1986 for' specific commercial practices common in the South.


Watson, W.F., T.J. Straka, and S.H. Bullard. 1987. Costs and cost trends for forestry practices in the South. Forest Farmer 26th Manual Edition 46(5):28-34.



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