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Stomata1 conductance, transpiration, and leaf water potential were measured during the 1996 growing season on baldcypress (Taxodium disfichum (L.) Rich.) seedlings. Seedlings were hand-planted from 1-O bareroot stock in mesic and permanently Rooded soil conditions. One-half of all seedlings were fitted with 122-cm tall polyethylene tree shelters, Seedlings were planted 1 year before the initiation of plant water relation measurements. The study was located within the boundary of the Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant, Kamack, TX. The objective of the research was to study the feasibility of artificially regenerating baldcypress along the shores of Caddo Lake. Stomata1 conductance and transpiration were consistently higher in seedlings planted in mesic soils versus seedlings planted in permanently flooded soils. Seedlings fitted with shelters regularly had higher stomatal conductance and transpiration then seedlings without shelters. Leaf water potential showed little consistency among treatments.


Swirin, Ty; Williams, Hans; Keeland, Bob. 1999. Interaction of Soil Moisture and Seedling Shelters on Water Relations of Baldcypress Seedlings. USDA, Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference, Shreveport, LA, February 16-16, 1999.



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