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FORV(AFLO ResVt ALuationis) an interactive, user-friendly computeprr ogramfo r discountedc ash flow analysis of forestry andn atural resource investments.M anyfo rest economics applicationsa re includeda nde mphasiiss on the nonindustrial privatef orest sector; howeveri,n dustrya ndp ublics ector applications are easily performewdi th the programC. alculations includen et presentv alue, equivalenta nnuali ncome,b enefit/ cost ratio, internal rate of return, future value, sinking funds, installmentp aymentsa, ndl and expectationv alue. Thep rogram also allows the user to accountf or amortizationo f reforestation costs andd epletiona llowancesI. t includess elf-contained instructionsa ndw ill generatet he details of key calculations. FORVsAhLou ldp roveu seful in any naturalr esourcee conomics course that deals with valuation issues.


Straka, T.J., and S.H. Bullard. 1994. FORVAL - A software package for forestry and natural resources project valuation. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education 23:51-55.



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