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Multidrug resistant infections and superinfections are increasing globally. Intrinsic and acquired resistance to multiple antibiotics by bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family exasperate treatment efforts by clinicians. Carbapenem antibiotics were once relied upon to treat multidrug resistant infections. However, Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections are becoming more common, requiring that an alternative treatment be found. This study trialed an ancient cure, Fresh Garlic Extract (FGE) created from garlic (Allium sativum L.) and commercially prepared garlic pills against two opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae in vitro utilizing: disc diffusion, well diffusion (introducing DIFF-bolts), and HPLC. FGE and four brands of garlic pills inhibited the growth of Enterobacter cloacae and Klebsiella oxytoca in vitro. General Nutrition Center (GNC) brand were found to be the most effective garlic pills producing comparable clear zones to meropenem (carbapenem antibiotic) for both bacteria. Garlicin produced the next largest clear zones followed by Garlique and Nature made. Five out of nine garlic pill brands tested were not found to contain viable allicin failing to produce clear zones in all microbial tests.


Choules, L., Gravatt, D. A., Kosovich, S. M., Yuan, W., Wang, P., & Havner, R. (2016). Inhibition of Enterobacter cloacae and Klebsiella oxytoca by Garlic (Allium sativum L.) and Garlic Pills. Pharmaceutical Crops, 6, 1–12.




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