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Introduction The U.S. furniture industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Furniture manufacturers, for example, have recently faced competition from foreign producers that has been particularly intense – resulting in factory closings and job losses in many areas of the country, including the Mid-South. In Mississippi, for example, the number of employees in furniture and fixtures industries dropped by 2,100 (6.8%) in the year 2000 (Center for Policy Research and Planning 2001). Similar job losses have been occurring in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and other important furniture-producing states. Nationwide, employment in furniture and fixtures manufacturing dropped by 40,000 (7.2%) from August of 2000 to August of 2001 (USDL Bureau of Labor Statistics 2001).


Bullard, S.H. 2002. Innovate or Evaporate … Business Concept Innovation in the Furniture Industry in the Age of Information. Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Bulletin FP 228, Mississippi State University, 8pp.



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