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Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmerman were attracted to shortleaf pines, Pinus echinata MilL, using infested shortleaf pine bolts. Response was monitored during the ensuing mass attack period by the use of sticky traps suspended along the tree boles. Uninfested host materials or host materials containing only male beetles did not elicit mass attack of trees. Female beetles either alone or in combination with males, usually stimulated mass attack within 24 h. Traps at 3-4 m above the ground caught the greatest number (26.7%) of beetles. Trap catches peaked on the 3rd day of attack and declined rapidly thereafter. Daily flight activity was greatest at ca. 1700 h during the summer. Male beetles outnumbered females by a ratio of 1:0.86. The sex ratio of trapped beetles varied consistently both diurnally and over the mass attack period.


Posted with permission of the Entomological Society of America



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