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The species composition nf southern pine bark beetle infestations was examined in east Texas in 1979, A total of 545 infestations were located in thirteen 18,000 acresurvey blocks. Ips spp, were observed in 98.9 of ihe infestations, with black turpentine beetles, Dendrnclonus lerebrans Olivier, present in 42.4 % ofthe infestations. Southern pine beetles, D. fronlulis Zimmemiann. were only observed in 11 infestations (2.0%), and were less abundant than other bark beetle species in these infestations. Almost 80% of the infestations were associated with a recognizable pre-disposing factor (lightning, fire, etc.). Most Infestations were small (less than six trees), though infestations associated with fire damage typically contained more than five infested trees. In the absence of an identified pre-disposing factor, infestations were frequently located in stands rated as high or moderate hazard for southern pine beetle


posted with permission from Southwestern Entomologist (article appeared in Southwestern Entomologist 31 (2006)

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