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Soil samples, or in-situ measurements, were collected at seven occasions and at six depths to study the Impact of three forest conditions on soil physical properties of a saline soil in E. Texas. Soil bulk density, CW. of silt plus clay at the surface horizons, soil water content, soil water retention, and depth to groundwater Increased following intensive site preparation. Differences in these properties between the commercial clearcuttlng and undisturbed forest were small. The wet soil conditions created in the Intensive preparation site are not likely to be responsible for the failure of artificial pine regeneration. In areas where site preparation may cause standing water on the surface, all plants and stumps should be left intact after marketable timber is removed.


Chang, M., A. K. Sayok and K. G. Watterston. 1995. Clearcutting and shearing on a saline soil in East Texas: Impacts on soil physical properties, pp. 209-215. Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference: Auburn, Alabama, November 1-3, 1994 / compiled M. Boyd Edwards Southern Silvicultural Research Conference (8th : 1994 : Auburn, Ala.); USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station General Technical Report SRS-1,Asheville, NC.



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