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In regenerating southern pine, maintenance of riparian zones (RZs) is a major land concession for soil and water protection and wildlife habitat enhancement. However, there are few data quantifying the volume and value of residual timber in such areas. We inventoried merchantable timber in nine RZs of three widths in sapling-class East Texas pine plantations. Present, discounted, and projected volumes and values of residual timber were determined. Average per-acre volumes of narrow, medium, and wide RZs were 337, 1438, and 2542 board feet (Doyle log rule) and 4.6, 8.2, and 7.2 cords, respectively. At US $154.00 and US $57.00 per thousand board feet for pine and hardwood saw timber, respectively, and US $15.00 and US $5.00 per cord for pine and hardwood pulpwood, respectively, average present per-acre values were US $46.41, US $209.93 and US $352.75 for narrow, medium, and wide RZs. Interest rates for the growth of trees from 1981 to 1989 ranged 3.7%-23.5% for pine and 2.2%-6.1% for hardwood. For the 1981-1989 discount period, average per-acre net annual equivalents of narrow, medium, and wide RZs were US $4.52, US $20.46, and US $34.38, respectively. Stumpage values at the time of harvest projected at 7% compound interest for 30 years ranged US $10.66-US $3547.54 per acre and for 80 years ranged US $313.93-US $104 499.95 per acre. The impact of these results on wildlife is discussed



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