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Site preparation for pine plantation establishment continues to be the principal use of herbicides in the South. Due to the timing of the work and the cost involved, these applications are critical in both biological and economic terms. In an effort to improve performance in both considerations, a study was undertaken to evaluate a number of herbicide compounds in site preparation applications. A total of 12 treatments were applied with three replications on three sites in a randomized complete block design. Applications were completed in mid-July using a total spray volume of 15 gpa. Treatments included MAT-28 applied alone at three rates and MAT-28 applied in combination with metsulfuron, imazapyr, glyphosate, or sulfometuron. An assessment of hardwood control was evaluated at one year after treatment. Results from all evaluations indicated that MAT-28 applied alone did not control the principal species on these study sites very well. Mixtures with imazapyr and glyphosate provided excellent control of hardwoods.


Ezell, A. W., J. L. Yeiser and P. Minogue. 2012. Effects of treatments using MAT-28 for pine site preparation, pp. 117-119. IN: In: Butnor, John R., ed. 2012. Proceedings of the 16th biennial southern silvicultural research conference. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-156. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station.



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