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Information on the conversion efficiency of sawing machines is important to those involved in the management, maintenance, and design of sawmills. Little information on the conversion characteristics of hardwood sawing machines has been available. This study, based on 266 studies of 6 machine types, provides an analysis of the machine characteristics of kerf width, within-board, between-board, and total sawing variations and wood loss per sawline. Machine conversion efficiency was found to be explained by feedworks and setworks type, and sawblade thickness and type. This analysis of machine characteristics provides information for a rational choice of sawing machines for hardwood sawmills.


Steele, P.H., M.W. Wade, S.H. Bullard, and P.A. Araman. 1992. Relative kerf and sawing variation values for some hardwood sawing machines. Forest Products Journal 42(2):33-39.



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