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Most forestry schools control forestland. Traditionally, the school forest has served as a laboratory for field instruction and research. This article reports on a 1985-86 survey of the 1 candidate and 46 accredited forestry schools in the United States on the ownership, objectives, and management of school forests.

The survey's purpose was to determine the extent and distribution of forestland ownership by forestry schools. The survey addressed how the forestry schools gained control of the land; the objectives of forest management, and how important the school forest was to the teaching, research, and service functions of the university. The importance of revenue production and the allocation of school forest revenue was also established.


Burkhardt, C.E., T.J. Straka, and S.H. Bullard. 1988. Forestland controlled by schools of forestry: Characteristics and management. Journal of Forestry 86(1):39, 41-42.



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