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Furniture manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Mississippi; the industry's phenomenal growth and current high levels of production and employment have recently been widely recognized and publicized. The Mississippi Economic Council (1988), for example, recently labeled the state "The New Furniture Capital of America;' and Northeast Mississippi was recently described as a "booming region'' that "wants to be the Furniture Capital of America'' (Evans 1987). The present report characterizes important aspects of Mississippi's furniture industry, including its development and relative importance within the state and within the U.S., and assesses current information on the availability and use of wood-based raw materials. The report has major sections on The Mississippi Furniture Industry and Use of Wood-Based Materials, with a Discussion section summarizing the current outlook for furniture production and demand.


Bullard, S.H., B.A. Doherty, and P.H. Short. 1988. The Mississippi furniture industry and its use of wood-based materials. Miss. For. Prod. Util. Lab. Res. Rep. 13, Mississippi State, MS, 20 p.



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