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This report presents highlights of the results of a telephone survey of U.S. households concerning their ownership, purchasing plans, and preferences regarding upholstered household furniture. The survey was conducted in October and November 1989, by the Survey Research Unit of the Social Science Research Center of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. The SUl'Vey also included Canadian households, and subsequent reports will present results for Canada as well as statistical analyses of specific results for both countries. The sUl'vey was intended to help identify market potential for various items of upholstered household furniture, and the results are therefore not dependent on short-term economic conditions. The economic recession in the United States since the 1989 survey does not affect the validity of results; market potential becomes sup· pressed demand in an economic downturn.


Bullard, S.H., and M.L. Doolittle. 1991. Upholstered household furniture in the United States: A survey of current ownership and purchasing plans. Miss. For. Prod. Util. Lab. Res. Rep. 18, Mississippi State, MS, 41 p.



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