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A new mixed-effects model was developed that predicts individual-tree total height for Pinus densiflora trees in Gangwon province as a function of individual-tree diameter (cm). The mixed-effects model contains two random-effects parameters. Maximum likelihood estimation was used to fit the model to 560 height-diameter observations of individual trees measured throughout Gwangwon province in 2007 as part of the National Forest Inventory Program in Korea. The new model is an improvement over fixed effects models because it can be calibrated to a local area, such as an inventory plot or individual stand. The new model also appears to be an improvement over the Forest Resources Evaluation and Prediction Program for the ten calibration trees used in this study. An example is provided that describes how to estimate the random-effects parameters using ten calibration trees.


Reference by Coble, D. W. and Y. J. Lee. 2011. A mixed-effects height-diameter model for individual loblolly and slash pine trees in east Texas. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 35(1):12-17, found here.



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