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Master of Science - Forestry



First Advisor

Dr. Brian P. Oswald

Second Advisor

Dr. Pat Stephens Williams

Third Advisor

Dr. Ray Darville

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Sarah McCaffrey


The Netherlands has been facing a growing threat of wildfires due to warmer

and drier weather patterns. The purpose of this study was to identify public

perceptions toward wildland fire in the forested Veluwe region of the country. The

Dutch have little experience with wildland fires or fire as a management tool. In a

collaborative effort between Stephen F. Austin State University and the Instituut

Fysieke Veiligheid, the Dutch public safety agency, a survey was distributed to

residents and visitors to the Veluwe to reveal and quantify public opinions and

perceptions regarding wildland fire and public expectations of government

agencies in the event of a wildfire. Due to the lack of any significant historical

context of wildfires, the assumption was that the Dutch do not see fire as an

immediate threat. Findings from this survey revealed that visitors and residents of

the Veluwe region are more aware of the wildfire problem in the Netherlands than

originally anticipated. They do not see wildfires as an immediate threat to

themselves, but rather a threat to nature areas within the country. Respondents

to this survey also have high expectations of government agencies to inform

them about wildfires.

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