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Master of Science - Biology



First Advisor

Dr. Dennis Gravatt

Second Advisor

Dr. Lindsay Porter

Third Advisor

Dr. Zeljko Radulovic

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Daniel Bennett


Defensins are small, cysteine-rich, immune related proteins described to be the most widespread family of invertebrate antimicrobial peptides. Presently, there is limited information regarding spider defensins. In this study, a new defensin peptide was described in Latrodectus geometricus, Lg-defensin. The full open reading frame was resolved using RACE and de novo assembly, followed by a bioinformatical analysis and phylogenetic alignment to determine conserved sequence patterns and structural similarities to other defensins. Next, the functionality of Lg-defensin was determined using in vitro RNA interference to assess what impact silencing had on the spider’s ability to control a gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infection, whose level was determined via qPCR analysis. Results indicated Lg-defensin to be a highly conserved defensin with similar structure and sequence patterns to other related taxa. Additionally, Lg-defensin was found to have higher antibacterial activity towards the gram-positive bacteria in contrast to its effect on gram-negative bacteria. This is the first report regarding the completed characterization of a defensin peptide in L. geometricus and provides a basis for future research regarding Lg-defensin and its clinically relevant capabilities.

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Creative Commons License
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