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Master of Science - Agriculture



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Dr. Michael Maurer

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Dr. Jared Barnes

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Dr. Josephine Taylor


Two experiments were conducted on spacing of Helianthus annuus in East Texas to determine the spacing treatment that produces the greatest revenue per m2. The experiments had four spacing treatments of 8 × 15 cm, 15 × 15 cm, 23 × 23 cm, and 30 × 30 cm. Three different cultivars were used in each experiment to determine if there was an interaction between spacing and cultivars. In both experiments, the stem height, stem diameter, flower diameter, and disk diameter increased as spacing increased. Also, as spacing increased, the days-to-harvest decreased. The 8 × 15 cm spacing produced the largest percentage of unmarketable and smaller size flowers while the 30 × 30 cm spacing produced the fewest unmarketable flowers. The net revenue declined substantially with increased spacing. Analysis of these two experiments concluded the most profitable spacing of specialty cut sunflowers grown in East Texas is 8 × 15 cm. East Texas growers should consider the quality and quantity of desired crop to determine the proper spacing of specialty cut sunflowers.

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