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Master of Science - Environmental Sciences


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Dr. Kenneth Farrish

Second Advisor

Dr. Sheryll Jerez

Third Advisor

Dr. Josephine Taylor


This study determined the monthly amount, particle size distribution, and chemical composition of particulate deposition in East Texas over a one-year period. It also recognized the seasonal patterns of this deposition as well as its primary origins as either mineral or organic particulate deposition.

The study recorded the monthly mass of deposition, particle size distribution, and the chemical makeup of deposition throughout a period of twelve months at seven sampling locations. SEM-EDS technology was used in conjunction with PCI programming to measure the sizes of depositional particles throughout this time period and identify their chemical composition.

The total yearly deposition recorded in this study was 22.9865 kg/ha. Of this yearly deposition, 8.5582 kg/ha was Si deposition, 2.2923 kg/ha was C deposition, 1.4394 kg/ha was Ba deposition, 1.4679 kg/ha was Na deposition, 1.4679 kg/ha was Al deposition, 0.3146 kg/ha was Ca deposition, 0.7846 kg/ha was K deposition, and 1.4679 kg/ha was Fe deposition. Si deposition had a monthly range of 0.1939 kg/ha – 1.5393 kg/ha, C deposition had a monthly range of 0.0262 kg/ha – 0.6871 kg/ha, Ba had a monthly range of 0.0380 kg/ha – 0.2984 kg/ha, Na had a monthly range of 0.0330 kg/ha – 0.3619 kg/ha, Al had a monthly range of 0.0330 kg/ha – 0.3619 kg/ha, Ca had a monthly range of 0.0022 kg/ha – 0.0958 kg/ha, K had a monthly range of 0.0190 kg/ha – 0.1714 kg/ha, and Fe had a monthly range of 0.0330 kg/ha – 0.3619 kg/ha. Mean particle size increased from January 2019-April 2019.

Particle size increased during high pollen months. Elements found in soils tended to make up a larger percentage of the deposition during drier months.

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