Date of Award

Summer 6-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts - School Psychology


Human Services

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel McCleary

Second Advisor

Dr. Frankie Clark

Third Advisor

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Sarah Savoy


School- and community-based after-school programs have evolved within the last 10 to 14 years, to accommodate and reinforce primary education (Mahoney, Larson, Eccles, & Lord, 2005). Students who are enrolled in after-school programs (e.g., Boys and Girls Club, Solid Foundation) have made higher grades in the classroom than their same age/grade peers who are not enrolled in after-school programs (Fredricks, Hackett, & Bregman, 2010). Additionally, after-school programs increase students’ self-esteem and confidence (Fredricks et al., 2010). The Boys and Girls Club organization has a strong devotion to their members’ academic success in the school setting (“Boys and Girls Clubs of Am,” 2019). The organization implements and operates programs, such as Texas AIM, SMART, Project Learn, and Gang Prevention to assist schools in molding the students’ academic performance (“Boys and Girls Clubs of Am,” 2019). Specifically, Texas AIM is used to help students succeed academically (Sylvan Learning, 2017a). In the state of Texas, Boys and Girls Club members who participate in the Texas AIM program have improved their grades at school (Sylvan Learning, 2017a). The purpose of this study is to answer the research question: How does the Deep East Texas Clubs Texas AIM outcome data compare to aggregated state results?

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