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Master of Music


School of Music

First Advisor

Dr. Stephen Lias

Second Advisor

Dr. Deb Scott

Third Advisor

Dr. Matthew McBroom

Fourth Advisor

Mr. James Adams


Composers have been inspired by nature for centuries, but writing music about nature is becoming more popular in our day. Now, under titles like “Landscape Music” and “Environmental Music,” many composers seek to embody the feeling of nature in music. What has yet to be fully developed is how electronic music and landscape music can overlap in the chamber music world. This project culminates in two original compositions, Natural Opposition (ca. six min), and Giants at Night (ca. 15 min), that seek to satisfy the requirements of both realms by combining naturally inspired music with electronic influences. The compositions themselves contain principles of minimalism and spectralism, elctroacoustic music, impulse response and digital reverberation, and live manipulation of sound through post production techniques.

In this way, this project builds unity between the worlds of landscape chamber music and electronic music in new and intriguing ways.

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