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Master of Science - Geology



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Dr. Melinda Faulkner

Second Advisor

Dr. Kevin Stafford

Third Advisor

Dr. Wesley Brown

Fourth Advisor

Dr. I-Kuai Hung


Fort Hood Military Installation is located within the Lampasas Cut Plain in Bell and Coryell counties, Texas, and is characterized by exposures of Lower Cretaceous Trinity and Fredericksburg Group carbonates. The Shell Mountain Province is an elevated plateau located in western Fort Hood utilized by the military for heavy mechanical (troop and wheeled) maneuver training and hosts significant surficial and subsurface karst. Ongoing karst inventories in western Fort Hood conducted by range managers have documented over 100 individual karst features. Recent studies utilizing LiDAR and remote sensing techniques delineated karst potential in this area and identified over 13,909 discrete depressions.

This study used electrical resistivity to characterize subsurface karst potential associated with two known caves in the Shell Mountain Province. Existing cave maps from the Texas Speleological Survey and the Division of Natural Resource Management at Fort Hood were used to select areas in which there may be inaccessible passages. The AGI SuperSting was implemented using the dipole-dipole array method to complete 2-D and 3-D surveys at each of the cave locations. Results showed significant inaccessible subsurface karst features; these data will be utilized by the Fort Hood Natural Resources Management Branch range managers to create karst management plans in Fort Hood training areas to support military readiness and protect environmentally sensitive habitats.

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