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Master of Arts - Psychology



First Advisor

Dr. Lauren E. Brewer

Second Advisor

Dr. Kyle Conlon

Third Advisor

Dr. Catherine Pearte

Fourth Advisor

Dr. John Pruit

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Scott Hutchens


This study was designed to examine the effects of ego depletion and deception on thin slicing. Experiment 1 examined whether participants could identify a video that contained a lie at an accuracy rate better-than-chance. Fifty-five percent of participants selected the deception video, which provided support that the videos were distinguishable. Experiment 2 assessed whether ego depletion and deception could decrease thin-slicing accuracy. The main effect of deception on deception accuracy was significant, such that participants in the deception condition had lower deception accuracy than participants in the no-deception condition. The main effect of depletion and the interaction of depletion and deception on deception accuracy were not significant. The generalizability of the results was impaired by the failure to successfully manipulate ego depletion and the study being underpowered.

Keywords: thin slicing, thin-slicing accuracy, ego depletion, deception, deception detection

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