Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Secondary Education and Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Patrick Jenlink

Second Advisor

Dr. Karen Embry-Jenlink

Third Advisor

Dr. Brandon Fox

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Mark Montgomery III


Guided by socio-cultural learning theories of Vygotsky’s (1979) social-constructivism and cultural-historical activity theory (Engeström, 2014), the researcher of this study formed three research questions regarding the emergent research trends on 1:1 technology initiatives in the secondary ELAR classroom and new literacy. In response, a meta-synthesis of relevant studies was conducted. To provide an initial framework for the synthesis, the researcher provided conceptual definitions and backgrounds of 1:1 technology initiatives, socio-cultural learning theories, and new literacy, supported by the history of literacy movements that led to this new model of literacy. Utilizing narrowed inclusion and exclusion criteria, the research yielded six journal articles and dissertations that served as participants for this study. In a second phase of data analysis, the researcher established the emergent themes across all studies included topics on the impact of 1:1 on new literacy acquisition, the changing role of the teacher in 1:1 settings, the deictic nature of literacy, and common challenges that impede technology integration. In a third and final phase of this meta-synthesis, the researcher utilized the original theoretical framework and research question as a lens to provide additional interpretations. The findings from this process related to a lack of unified terminology regarding the emergent form of literacy, as well as conditions for student engagement and acquisition of new literacy skills.

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Creative Commons License
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