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Doctor of Education


Secondary Education and Educational Leadership

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Karen Embry Jenlink, Ed.D., Dissertation Chair

Second Advisor

Patrick M. Jenlink, Ed.D., Committee Member

Third Advisor

Freddie Avant, Ph.D., Committee Member

Fourth Advisor

Chance Mays, Ed.D., Committee Member



The purpose of this critical autobiography study was to examine how my educational experiences have made me into the man and educational leader I am today. As an African American Male, raised and educated in rural East Texas, this research study allowed me to examine my life experiences as an African American youth, teacher-coach, principal, husband, father, and scholar-practitioner. In the autobiographical narrative, I speak in my native dialect of African American Vernacular English, using my voice to share my lived experiences with the reader.

I utilized Critical Race Theory (CRT) as the lens to guide my methodology. Using CRT, the constructs of race, power, and the marginalized stereotype of the African American Male are interwoven and underscore my stories of overcoming barriers and achieving success as a husband, father, public school principal and preacher. Racism is systemic in today’s U.S. culture. Racism is embedded into social institutions, including schools, and racism continues to oppress marginalized people. However, through my stories of perseverance, I hope to overshadow racism, erase the deficit mindset toward African American males, and give all marginalized people hope.

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