Date of Award

Summer 7-2-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy - School Psychology


Human Services

First Advisor

Dr. Jillian Dawes & Dr. Luis Aguerrevere

Second Advisor

Dr. Paula Griffin

Third Advisor

Dr. Frankie Clark

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Daniel F. McCleary


The first purpose of this research was to explore the prevalence, methods of instruction, and perceived value of professional ethics, ethical decision-making, and interdisciplinary collaboration in teacher preparation programs throughout the U.S. These factors were addressed using the Ethics Training and Curriculum Survey (ETCS). Participants for the ETCS included teacher educators (n = 977) from CAEP accredited preparation programs. Survey results suggest that professional ethics is widely addressed throughout CAEP accredited programs, but that instruction in ethical decision-making varies considerably. To connect these findings with practice, a second purpose of this study was to explore how educators make ethical decisions, using the Inventory of Ethical Decision-Making and Collaboration (IEDMC), and, following this investigation, to identify meaningful clusters of educators. Participants for the IEDMC survey were certified teachers (n = 482), Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. Participants reported feeling unprepared to make ethical decisions, despite training and access to codes of ethics. Two meaningful clusters were found, based on differences between training, use of ethical decision-making models, years of experience, presence of a school psychologist, and accreditation status of preparation programs. The culmination of results illustrates a continued gap between preparation and practice. Discussion and implications follow.

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Creative Commons License
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