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Master of Science - Biotechnology



First Advisor

Rebecca D. Parr, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Odutayo Odunuga, Ph.D

Third Advisor

Josephine Taylor, Ph.D

Fourth Advisor

Donald Pratt, Ph.D


Rotavirus (RV) can cause severe and deadly gastroenteritis in young children, infants, and immunocompromised individuals. Previous studies have shown that arachidin 3 (A3) inhibits RV replication, and that RV replication is dependent on the presence of lipids. This study investigated the alteration of lipid metabolism by A3 in RV infected HT29.f8 cells. A decrease in the RV regulation of lipid biosynthesis genes was observed with the addition of A3 using qRT-PCR. Also, immunofluorescent and histochemical staining for neutral fats, a major component of cellular lipid droplets, revealed an increased accumulation with both RV and RV+A3 when compared to no virus and A3 controls. Furthermore, a western blot time course study of perilipin 1 presented a cycling pattern of expression with slight variations between RV, RV+A3, and A3. This data implies an association between A3 inhibition of RV replication and lipid metabolism that could be developed into a RV therapeutic treatment.

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