Date of Award

Summer 8-17-2019

Degree Type


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Master of Science - Agriculture



First Advisor

Joey Bray

Second Advisor

John Michael Mehaffey

Third Advisor

Stephanie Jones

Fourth Advisor

Kathryn Kidd


The importance of water quality and its ability to cause major impacts, whether it is positive or negative, is often overlooked in the poultry industry. The microbial content of water is just one of many water characteristics that need to be monitored and regulated to ensure a flock is receiving good quality water. A field study was conducted to determine the effects of four different sanitizers under commercial broiler house conditions, with three replications over a three flock period. Each flock was grown for 56 days with a 2 week period between each flock. Four oxidative sanitizers were used and assigned to one of four commercial broiler houses at the Stephen F. Austin State University Broiler Research Center. Two water lines within each house were cleaned with the assigned product prior to placement for three consecutive flocks, leaving two water lines per house that were used as control groups. Water and swab samples were collected from all four water lines within each house after sanitizing on day 0, prior to flock placement and again on day 56, prior to the end of the flock. Total data points represent six sampling periods.

These samples were analyzed by the Pilgrim’s Walker Creek Lab for aerobic plate count (APC), Escherichia coli, and yeast and mold counts(YM). Results showed that there was a significant decrease in the means of APC and YM counts over the period of three flocks, P = 0.0009 for swab results and P = 0.0032 for water results. There was a significant difference in the effects between two sanitizers compared to the others, P = 0.0155. There was a significant difference in the means of APC and YM counts according to the day in which samples were collected, P = 0.0017. No significant differences were observed for the means of Escherichia coli counts, which remained consistent throughout the entire trial at 10 colony forming units or less.

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