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Master of Arts - History



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Paul J. P. Sandul

Second Advisor

Perky Beisel

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M. Scott Sosebee

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Dianne Dentice


Vidor, Texas is a town learning to manage its past with the Ku Klux Klan and the subsequent legacy of racial intolerance it now carries into the twenty-first century. By utilizing oral history, interviews with the residents (current and former) clarify how Vidorians see their past and form a collective memory. This memory study oral history project chronicles the historical narrative of Vidor and Vidorians based on oral histories of the interviewee’s point of view. It then highlights my mastery of relevant public history and oral history literature while reviewing the best practices of oral history as both a methodology and technique in the professional field of oral history. The goal of this project was not to prove or disprove Vidorians historical truthfulness or pass ethical judgment of their perceptions, but to better understand the historical narrative and collective memory of Vidor and its people.

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