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Master of Forestry (MF)




Projections of supply and demand for timber appear to indicate a domestic shortage in Peninsular Malaysia by the year 2000. Timber shortage will result in loss of foreign exchange, retrenchment of timber workers, inflate prices and depress construction and housing industries. Compensatory Forest Plantation Program (CFPP) is one of the methods taken by the Malaysian Government to avert this impending crisis. CFPP was officially launched in 1983, in four States of Peninsular Malaysia. By 1989, forest plantations totaling 36,874 hectares were established. A final analysis of CFPP is premature, as the program is only in its seventh year of a 15 year rotation. Results from preliminary appraisal indicate that CFPP was non - profitable from 1983 - 1989, and from 1990 onwards is financially viable. If actual data are viewed together with projected data (post 1989), CFPP is financially viable. A number of forest management recommendations are proposed for the remaining years.



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