Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy - School Psychology


Human Services

First Advisor

Dr. Ginger Kelso

Second Advisor

Dr. Glen McCuller

Third Advisor

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Amanda Rudolph

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Frank Mullins


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a neurodevelopmental disorder which includes symptoms such as repetitive or restricted patterns of behavior, and deficits in social communication (American Psychiatric Association, 2013) and affects approximately 1 in 68 children (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Children with this disorder face unique challenges when it comes to learning academic and social skills (Gardner & Wolfe, 2013). Chaining is an effective intervention for teaching individuals with disabilities a variety of skills (Cuvo, Leaf, & Borakove, 1978; Horner & Keilitz, 1975; Shrestha, Anderson, & Moore, 2013; Tarbox, Madrid, Aguilar, Jacobo, & Schiff, 2009). Video modeling, where a subject performs a behavior they have previously seen modeled on a videotape (Nikopoulos & Keenan, 2004) and more recently point-of-view video modeling (POV-VM) which provides the instruction from the subject’s vantage point may also be effective for teaching children with autism and other disabilities needed skills (Shukla-Mehta, Miller, & Callahan, 2010). There is some empirical evidence that chaining used in conjunction with POV-VM may provide effective intervention (Jowett, Moore, & Anderson, 2012; Moore, et al., 2013; Shrestha, et al., 2013) yet no studies have directly compared a chaining procedure taught by traditional methods to a chaining procedure which is exclusively taught through the use of POV-VM.



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