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Winter 12-13-2016


This newsletter was created by the Fall 2016 Honors English Class from Stephen F. Austin State University. Throughout the semester students were asked to define and interpret the terms "work" and "labor." Through our individual research on different aspects of work and labor, we hope to expand the general spectrum of what encompasses these topics. Works and labor are two important aspects of our culture. They are umbrella terms that encompass many occupational fields and serve as a uniting factor in modern-day society. Aspects of work and labor are observable in an assortment of environments, whether it be through schoolwork as children or salary-paying jobs as adults. Because the global employment industry as a whole has such strong relations to work and labor ingrained in how duties are completed, there is a wide range of areas where they are applicable. Here, in this newsletter, many different aspects of these terms will be discussed. There are more elements to work and labor than many realize. Through the works included in our newsletter, we hope to expand the general understanding of work, labor, and the components that make them what they are.



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