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The social roles women are given in literature are often debated by critics. This essay discusses the treatment and perceptions of female characters in Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games trilogy. Throughout the trilogy, the male characters shape the identities of the female characters through language and enforcing Western gender roles. Katniss, Prim, and their mother each fill different roles typically assigned to women. Katniss is a submissive female; Prim is the innocent angel in the household; and their mother portrays a mad woman that cannot cope with reality. These characters—Katniss in particular—are often misconstrued by audiences and critics. Katniss is often described as a brave, independent, strong lead female character. However, this role is debatable. This essay utilizes feminist theory to examine the roles the female characters are given in the novels in order to argue the women are forced into stereotypical gender roles.


Kirstie Linstrom

Dr. Wooten

ENG 502.001

4 December 2014



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