Providing feedback on student writing using annotation technology

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Writing allows authors to shure ideas. stories. thoughts and desires unencumbered by time and space. The process of writing is dynamic. From inspinnion to dissemination the process is a give and to.kc between author and audience. Writing is a learned skill and requires practice. Consequently, writers want readers to read their writing. They want feedback. But teaching and practicing writing are often shortchanged throughout public schooling and during the college years due to writing's time consuming nature---time consuming for students as they create a written piece and Time--consuming for instructors as they respond to and evaluate written pieces. This project had two objectives. First. we explored the use of an internet-based text production annotation system when developing a written assignment in an undergraduate college course. Secondly. we explored the nature of the written feedback provided by the instructor within an internet-based text production annotation system.


Ahern, T.C., & Abbott, J.A. (2007). Providing feedback on student writing using annotation technology. In Pamela B. Richards (Ed.), Global issues in higher education. New York: Nova Publishers.




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