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This study examines the long-term performance of Asia Pacific, European, and Latin American ADRs versus the S&P500 and their respective regional indexes from 1990-2010. The sample was dividend by stable markets (1990s) and volatile markets (2000s). We find that, when analyzed in total, regional indexes perform similarly to the S&P500. However, the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions do offer diversification benefits individually. Furthermore, the ADRs from each region underperform in stable markets (1990s) and outperform in volatile markets (2000s) leading to great diversification benefits.


Schaub, M., & Brown, T. (2015). LONG TERM ADR PERFORMANCE: HOW DO REGIONAL ISSUES LISTED ON THE NYSE COMPARE TO US AND REGIONAL INDEX RETURNS? International Journal of Business and Finance Research, 9(3), 1931–0269.



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