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In the spring of 2013, three Caddo burial vessels from an unrecorded site near Frankston, Texas were documented at the McSpadden residence in College Station, Texas. All three vessels are intact and are not reconstructed. Scan data was collected using a ZScanner 700CX running VXElements 2.0 via the scanner direct control function in Geomagic Design X. Post-processing of these data occurred in Design X, and quality control for missing data leveraged both Design X and Verify. These data will be used in a study aimed at the 3D geometric morphometric analysis of Caddo vessels. In addition to the study of geometric morphometrics, these data can augment a wide variety of projects in the digital humanities and archaeology.

McSpadden_Jar.ply (12956 kB)
Decimated mesh

McSpadden_JarStrap.ply (5694 kB)
Decimated mesh

McSpadden_CB.ply (10870 kB)
Decimated mesh



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