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On February 6, 2015, three Caddo vessels from an unknown site or sites were documented at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Archeology Laboratory, where the standard suite of metadata was collected, accompanied by photographs and 3D models of each vessel. While the donor of these vessels remains unknown, stylistic and technological attributes can be used to posit the potential region of origin.

There are three 3D models included in this report of NAGPRA documentation. To manipulate, measure, and otherwise quantify variability in the models, this document must be downloaded, then opened in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. These models are provided in Appendix I, and include directions regarding how to manipulate them.

Access to color (texture) data is available only with the permission of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma.

TPWD_82-49.1.stl (108739 kB)
Decimated mesh (ASCII .stl)

TPWD_82-49.2.stl (210317 kB)
Decimated mesh (ASCII .stl)

TPWD_82-49.3.stl (207082 kB)
Decimated mesh (ASCII .stl)



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