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The Ware Acres site (41GG31) was discovered by Buddy Calvin Jones in 1951 on an alluvial terrace of Grace Creek, a southern-flowing tributary to the Sabine River in the southwestern part of the city of Longview, Texas. The site is best known for Jones’ discovery and excavation of an eighteenthcentury Caddo burial with an abundance of European trade goods (Jones 1968:21-24). However, Jones also investigated other parts of the site, which contained extensive Caddo habitation deposits, especially one area at the southern part of the site that had Late Caddo Titus phase midden deposits and remnants of house structures. A large assemblage of ceramic sherds were collected from this area, and although Jones (1968:17) indicated that “a complete analysis of them will be given in a later report,” this was never done.

This article presents an analysis of these ceramic sherds, primarily to put the ceramic assemblages from from this important East Texas site on record. The stylistic attributes and known ceramic types in the Ware Acres assemblage are also compared to the ceramic assemblage from the Pine Tree Mound site (Fields and Gadus 2012), as the Ware Acres site may be a component of the Pine Tree Mound Titus phase community found in the middle reaches of the Sabine River basin.



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