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The test for this suite of models was conducted as a double-blind survey since neither the United States Forest Service personnel (excepting Garcia) nor the participants were provided with any information regarding the model in advance of testing. Input from the model was shared with the crew the day after each location was tested. Enlistment of the double-blind survey method aids in reducing survey bias. Collection of data for this project begins with the stratified random sample. The sample consists of random locations throughout compartments of the Davy Crockett National Forest. Those locations not visited in the first test of the model will be surveyed following the Passport-in-Time project. To test the stratified random sample, a three-by-three grid of nine shovel tests were excavated at each location. Those resources discovered during the survey were assigned a forest-specific number, were documented, and the collections were subsequently transferred to the Center for Regional Heritage Research at Stephen F. Austin State University for analysis and processing.



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