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This study expands upon a previous analysis of the Clarence H. Webb collection, which resulted in the identification of two Caddo bottle shapes used in the manufacture of Hickory Engraved (HE) bottles. The current sample of Caddo bottles adduces three-dimensional meshes from the HE specimens in the Webb collection, as well as 14 new meshes from six sites and one collection; all of which fall under the purview of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Results confirm that HE bottle shape differs significantly by site in some cases, that the two discrete shapes identified in the previous study persist in this larger sample, and that morphological integration is not significant, meaning that those traits used to characterize bottle shape (rim, neck, body, and base) were not found to vary in a coordinated manner. Thus, while results confirm site-specific differences in shape and the manufacture of two discrete bottle shapes from two different (north-south) geographies, results do not support the hypothesis that Caddo potters adhered to a template of vessel shape associated with specific decorative motifs for this sample of HE bottles.



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