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There are a wide range of applications for three-dimensional (3D) data in archaeology, and a diverse array of methods for collecting and analyzing those data. In this article, free 3D photogrammetry software (Autodesk 123D Catch) is used to document a series of grave markers. The data are subsequently exported to Geomagic Design X to demonstrate and briefly discuss the various potential analyses that might be used to illustrate the effects of preservation treatments and marker degradation through time. Further, one marker is reverse-engineered, illustrating the capacity of 3D modeling to expedite the process of design, should elements warrant replacement. Additional benefits of documenting the markers in 3D includes public outreach and public interaction through social media. Autodesk’s 123D Catch allows users to render videos of each model and export them to YouTube, where they can be shared with a global audience. The capacity of these tools to expand the scope of our efforts to document and analyze grave markers is substantial.



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