Bridget Sarver


As population and industry grow, the need to reuse wastewater is growing. Aquifers are often the dominant water supplies to surrounding areas. The levels of those aquifers are declining each year. Water loss affects many things like water wells, lakes, and rivers. Lakes and rivers that are used as water sources are seeing a decline in levels. Low water levels and drought occur because of the changing water cycle. Heavy rain and runoff can help refill lakes and rivers; however precipitation does not always fall back on the area that it evaporated from. By reusing wastewater, we will be saving our fresh water sources from depletion. By reusing wastewater for things like cleaning, irrigation, and fire suppression, we will save our fresh water sources. Reused wastewater can be treated enough to be drinking water, but not everyone will be open to that idea. Reused wastewater can also recharge an aquifer when natural recharging cannot keep up with the amount being used.



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