There is no right or wrong way to create your case flow management process. What works for one court, may not work for yours. The guidance provided by the Office of Court Administration, although confusing, played a major part in the Dayton Municipal Court’s success. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our court shut down all in-person proceedings. What we’ve learned about the pandemic response has provided our court and our defendants with new options in case management. Although we are now open, some of the new processes that were implemented during COVID-19 will continue to be used. Our relationships with peers will continue to grow and our use of electronic resources will remain a normal practice.

The time spent with staff and co-workers during this recent period helped to build much needed relationships and trust, allowing us to work on our teamwork and cross-training. Allowing staff to cross-train not only benefits the employers but also the employees. The shutdown enabled staff to expand their knowledge and helped them find ways to build their own career. Having great staff, great employers, and up-to-date resources allowed our city to step up to the challenges of COVID-19.



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