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Fall 10-2018


The data presented in this article is related to the research article entitled, “Structural Characterization and Evaluation of Municipal Wastewater Sludge (Biosolids) from two Rural Wastewater Treatment Plants in East Texas, USA”, Onchoke, KK, Franclemont, C.M., Spectrochim. Acta A, In press[1]. The XRD profiles and composition of biosolids from wastewater treatment plant is presented. This study describes the composition of XRD crystalline phase patterns of the wastewater sludge. After the removal of the Ka2 peaks the d-spacing and hkl values were determined. In addition, the ion chromatographic profile of the seven anions (NO3-, NO2-, Br-, Cl-, F-, SO42-, and PO43-) in biosolids is presented.



Onchoke, K. K., Franclemont, C. M., & Weatherford, P. W. (2018). Data on ion composition and X-ray diffraction patterns of biosolids from wastewater treatment plants in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas, USA. Data in Brief, 20, 880–888.

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