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In light of the increasing importance of solid state chemistry, an experiment dealing with at least some aspects of this rapidly expanding area should he included in advanced chemistry laboratories. Herein is described one of the experiments that we have developed to meet this need. This experiment was designed for a senior level integrated chemistry lab taken by all our chemistry majors. Normally six to eight hours are needed to complete this experiment. This experiment deals with the synthesis and characterization of a perovskite. Perovskites were chosen because compounds with this structure are important in solid state technology, and since most of them are cubic, the characterization by X-ray diffraction is simplified. In addition, magnetic ordering may he observed, and the effects of a Jahn-Teller distortion seen.


"The synthesis and characterization of some fluoride perovskites, an undergraduate experiment in solid state chemistry." Journal of Chemical Education 61, no. 7 (1984): 643

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