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Our long-term objective is to understand and model the motility of T. brucei. Obtaining high quality images of T. brucei that allow one to differentiate between cell body movement and flagallar movement is difficult with T. brucei because the flagellum is attached along the cell body. Currently, our approach his to tether T. brucei onto a microscope friendly surface. The contributions to the ISIS our progress to date. Specifically, we look at the adhesion density of T. brucei to numerous microscope friendly surfaces and at the optimum adhesion conditions for T. brucei.


Archuleta, Lydia, Ashley Dunham, Justin Rains, and Darrell Fry. "Differential Tethering of Log Phase Trypanosoma brucei onto Chemically Distinct Surfaces." In ISIS International Symposium on Interdisciplinary Science, vol. 755, no. 1, pp. 185-189. AIP Publishing, 2005.



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